Viking King Kanute

“Mister Viking King”. Scythe, sword, shield. Life is tough on the frozen tundra, with any and all potential resources being vital to one’s survival. Led by the cunning King Kanute, a telepath with the ability to read the minds of both men and animals, the Viking-like Alma clan lays claim to the Northernmost area of the Habitable Belt on Planet Arango. As strong as he is smart, he wields his deadly sword-shield with a primal force capable of splitting ANY enemy in two. Combine that with his ever-prodding telepathic capabilities and Kanute is truly the last thing you want to encounter when scavenging for food…


Captain Barmanou

“A Pirate’s Life for Me”. Wine, women and song, am I right? Throw in a sea-going vessel YOU command and a reputation for being the most brutal and cutthroat of all pirates and you can almost taste the salt-spray of the open sea as you crash violently from wave to wave. Of course, the Captain IS a woman and will quickly maim you for underestimating her capabilities because of it. That’s RIIIIIIGHT---the greatest mercenary in Star System 62 is a woman! See what you did there? You just underestimated her…


Alta Kahn Mongol

“Convict Strong”. Do you realize the brooding strength that is hiding in waiting, massing to an upturned chorus of thousands of voices lost behind the imposing bars of the notorious Tai Sei Do prison? No, I guess you wouldn’t. That’s okay---you can just leave it to the Great Alta Kahn, the first ruler of the violent Dart Clan, Mongol-like pirates that rule the southern stretch of Arango’s Habitable Belt. He poured his heart and soul into building this clan, as well as those of the thousands of prisoners he recruited from Tai Sei Do. They were easily convinced to join… ”Become a member of this clan and make a new life for yourselves…or die.” I would probably have joined up too…