Emperor Kada

“Intricately Precise”. As measured as he is impetuous, Kada has spent a lifetime reinforcing the boundary lines of the Nishi Empire from the kingdoms that surround his. Why? He knows nothing else. Not much is understood about the human inhabitants of Planet Bannoo except that originally they came from the same clan. These present day descendants of the Min Dynasty are brutally antagonistic in the ways they interact and have been at war for as long as they’ve existed. Kada is Bannoo’s chess master: ever diligent, ever testing, ever cunning and ever prepared; he is NOT to be forgotten.



“Master of the Dino Rodeo”. Are you in need of a tracker? Maybe a trapper? Are you, maybe in the market for a Raptor…? For that type of pet capture and delivery, you would need a Master tracker…and also a Master trapper. Lucky for you, Daishashi is both. Can you imagine yourself, reins in hand, riding bare back on a subjugated Raptor, all manner of creatures fleeing in panic around you? Daishashi has done all that so excuse her if she gets a little bored with all of this…


Assassin Nawa

“No Assassin Like An Old Assassin”. What is it about an assassin that always piques the imagination? Is it their lives shrouded in secrecy? The origin of their life-taking skills? Their mastery of so many lethal combat disciplines? The ability to remain remorseless, unaffected by the human carnage they leave in their murderous wake? Well, Nawa isn’t your ordinary assassin…hailing from Planet Fodo, where you are constantly under threat of lethal attack, Nawa not only fights off all comers but also ENJOYS the challenge. Oh, and he also has a flying dinosaur “pet” that responds to his EVERY whim…