Huntress Mana

Huntress Mana

“Huntress Feline”. If you could manufacture the ultimate land-based hunting warrior, what would you include in the design? Feline features to blend in with the natural environment? Razor-sharp claws? Pupils that dilate to an extreme level, allowing them to see at night as they do at day? Mana possesses all these characteristics, plus the smarts and stealth to most advantageously utilize these attributes. What does that mean, exactly? Just that she’s ALWAYS hunting…even when others are sleeping, thinking they are safe and warm….and free from harm.


Prince Nunda

“T-Rex-Rider”. This prince hails from planet Chupanzi, paradise of natural wonders, where lush jungles, dangerous animals and dinosaurs roam in an ultra-diverse biosphere like something out of Earth’s Jurassic Period. Prince Nunda leads the Nahara People, a tribal folk that live in harmony with the natural world and the environment around them, believing themselves to be part of a sacred chain of life that connects all living things. Beastmasters of dinosaurs, the Naharaians are at once stoic as well as possessors of kinetic abilities worthy of legend. Nunda himself is so prolific in his dinosaur training abilities that he has even been called The Dinosaur Whisperer…I mean---if you can whisper to them, they can’t be that hard to tame, right? WRONG.