Arango Planet


The Planet Arango sits in the innermost orbit of Star System 62. Its landscape is a molten lake of hell-fire uninhabitable by any living creature. It is also a barren, frozen wasteland devoid of any resources that is so unimaginably cold, anyone setting foot upon it would be dead within minutes. Arango does not rotate on its axis. The far side receives no heat; the other, no relief from it. And yet, in the middle of these rests a small strip of land where temperatures moderate and a thin atmosphere is able to support life. Resources are few and the dangers many, making Arango a perfect haven for three clans of mercenary space pirates. The Viking-like Alma Clan lays claim to the northernmost area of the Belt. They are led by the cunning King Kanute, a telepath with the ability to read the minds of both humans and animals. Born to Tzar Ralex and the warrior Oleff in Ardatov, Rurak Empire on the planet Devo. A coup was a spectacular failure. Kanute fled to Arango with his remaining forces to settle in the northern region, there they formed the Alma Pirate Clan. The middle terrain is the territory of the Barma Clan, pirates similar to those of Earth’s Caribbean, led by the notorious and captivating Captain Barmanou and Batutu, the first mate. The illegitimate daughter of a wealthy trader from Embir Union on planet Fodo, In the Bar Zone where she settled, she became known as a flamboyant buccaneer, plying her trade by forming the formidable Barma Clan. Sometime later, she forged a close friendship with fellow female pirate Batutu, the two leading a spree of raids on cargo cruisers and small fishing villages in the vicinity of Bannoo. Finally, the southern stretch of the Belt is home to the most dreaded and violent of all the Arango pirates, the Dart Clan. This Mongol-like group of raiders was founded by its first ruler, Alta Khan, by recruiting escapees from Bannoo’s notorious Tai Sei Do Prison. He was then christened the Great Alto Khan, launching countless savage raids and conquering most of Bannoo’s Desuvu Are region, home to rare coinage metals such as gold gems.

Bannoo Planet


The Second Planet from the Sun is Bannoo, the hottest inhabitable planet in the P62 Star System. Its high carbon dioxide makeup causes a greenhouse effect that keeps the planet hot and arid and also means that the PTx (Periodic Table Creatures) found there are entirely aquatic. Because of their intense secrecy, not much is known about the human inhabitants of Bannoo, who have been described as resembling the people of East Asia on planet Earth. It is a fact that they came in the spirit of exploration from the Min Dynasty on the planet Fodo and subsequently formed three distinct societies on Bannoo. The Min Dynasty occupies the western hemisphere and is ruled by Chairman Bam Yo, who has cultivated a deep and firm alliance with Prince Nunda of Chupanzi. The central region is encompassed by the Empire of Nishi, which is presided over by Emperor Kada. The Min and Nishi have always had an antagonistic relationship and have been in perpetual war since colonization. In the East can be found the small Republic of Kun On, the only democratic society on Bannoo. Their President Moon Song-Yum continually tries in vain to broker peace between the Min and the Nishi. After landing on Bannoo, the colonists revolted and declared their independence from Fodo. Ever since then, they have aggressively pursued the advancement of technology, devoting almost all of their time and resources to the cause. Of particular note—and concern for their adversaries—is their development of “Techno-Ninjas,” mechanized warriors designed to spare humans from harm in combat by mimicking the movement and voices of their “masters,” who control them by a type of wireless technology. The cultures and peoples of Bannoo are thought to possess many useful secrets. The secrets are seldom known to the outside world.

Chupanzi Planet


The Third Planet in POWER62’s orbit is the planet Chupanzi, a paradise of natural wonders. The lush jungles, massive mountains, grassy plains, and tropical beaches are all blanketed and supported by the pleasantly warm climate. Chupanzi is abundant with great beasts and dinosaurs roaming the land like something out of Earth’s Jurassic period. The planet is populated by the Makurians and Naharanians. The Naharanians are a tribal people. Their kinetic abilities make them natural Beastmasterss in the taming of the dinosaurs that roam the countryside. Naharanians live in harmony with their planet, viewing it as a sacred thing to be respected and cherished. They make their homes in enormous mushroom-like plants. Their esteemed and stoic Prince Nunda leads the Nahara people. The Makurians with feline features, have razor-sharp claws and vertical slit-like pupils. They are stealthy and cunning hunters, able to stalk prey as if invisible due to the natural markings of their body hair which blends perfectly with the surrounding jungle and their incredible night vision which allows them to see in the dark of combat. With a preference of using brains over brawn, the Makurians often engage their injured quarry in a game of cat-and-mouse, a method that many may see as underhanded or even cruel. The Maku often hunt the dinosaur which they primarily trade with Fodo. Chupanzi is certainly rich in natural resources, but the richest of all are the massive silver deposits that have been discovered there. The mined silver is used most notably and importantly in the Eranium Processor Key. Since it was discovered that silver interacts perfectly with Eranium 392, it has become a vital commodity used to make the circuitry for devices meant to harness Er392’s non-radioactive power. And the Eranium Processor Key is the most powerful of them all. Wars have been fought, treaties have been formed, and enemies have been made, all in the pursuit of its awesome power. For whoever controls the EPK controls all.

Devo Planet


Viewed from space, Devo appears to be nothing more than a very standard gas giant. But Devo is not at all standard among gas giants: it has produced life. The relatively gentle atmosphere supports avian-like species that glide and flip, visible only as flashes of color and audible only as squawks and songs that can be heard for miles across the dense gases of the planet, making Devo truly a spectacle to behold. These native creatures would have had the planet to themselves for eons, flashing and squawking as they pleased, were it not for the race of warriors called the Machians (now Rurakians), who claimed Devo for their own after escaping the deadly drought on their home planet. They brought with them astonishingly advanced technology, which they used to erect dozens of sky-citadels around the heretofore undeveloped planet. Part city, part fortress, part trading post, these cyclonic towers quickly became independent, developing their own governments and trade alliances. And then the fighting began. They fought over power and trade contacts, until all but the two most powerful remained. Bearing the names of their Capitol Citadels, the Nevska Empire and Rurak Federation (still a major producer and trader of gas in the Star System) now live in an uneasy peace, still at odds over the trading rights they need to bring in the much-needed water for their people. Though their alliance is tenuous, they are forced to work in tandem to repair their damaged atmosphere, a result of the Great Citadel War. With the discovery of Eranium on the planet Erax, these two rival entities have been struck with a common goal. This near-infinite power source would not only allow them to quickly repair their planet, but also to manufacture more than enough water for their people, making the one who acquires it a truly independent force capable of conquering the other and dominating the rest of the Star System. And so, the race for power begins…

Erax Planet


Hundreds of years ago on the planet Erax, there began a civil war. In a somewhat misguided effort to prevent human casualties, both sides of the conflict began fashioning war machines using the local wildlife, which became known as Periodic Table Creatures (PTx). The war raged for years and years with each generation attempting to create greater and more powerful versions of these PTx. Eventually artificial intelligence was developed, and the PTx became more lethal than ever—lethal primarily to other PTx. With both armies at a stalemate, someone got the enterprising idea to link the two AIs in order to spy on the opposing force, a mistake that would ultimately lead to disaster. Instead of informing on one another, the two AIs became one and so became self-aware, determining the greatest threat to the planet to be the two warring parties. Using their own PTx against them, this new AI set about eradicating the Eraxian population, taking control of the surface of the planet with a band of marauding biomechanical PTx led by a creature known as Boron (AKA BatWolf), possessing a greater skill and awareness than the others. To combat BatWolf, the PTx Leader, the surviving Eraxians were forced to relocate underground, developing new cities and eventually religion and cultural diversity. From that diversity, new conflicts arose and war resumed. After thousands of years of this fighting, a small insurgent group of religious fanatics known as the Sandoonians—led by the OverLord Kronaarg, seized control of the entire under-ground civilization. During the construction in the underground, the Sandoonians discovered Eranium (Er392), an element one thousand times more powerful than the Uranium found here on Earth. With this newfound resource, Kronaarg was able to develop the Eranium Processor Key(EPK), a device that generates unlimited power without the danger of radiation. This discovery also gave the Sandoonians new capital, as they were now able to trade Eranium for their basic necessities. In an effort to expand his power, Kronaarg secretly prepared to weaponize the EPK, but was thwarted at the eleventh hour by his kind-hearted daughter, Delaney, who was able to harness it for the good of all planets. The other inhabitants are the Wesdoonians. Who were religious zealots, declaring that those who did not covert to their faith would be put to death. For this reason, they were able to grow their army quickly, eradicating all other religions in less than a generation. Their motto remains “Convert or Die,”

Fodo Planet


The Sixth and Final Planet of Star System 62 is Fodo. Consisting of ten sovereign countries, Fodo is similar to Earth in the year 2019 with the major exception that, much like on Chupanzi, dinosaurs never went extinct and are now tamed and used similarly as horses for work and defense. Since most of the planet’s trade is with the Eraxians for power generation, water conversion, and agriculture cultivation, an Eraxian Spaceport Trading Post was constructed between the continents of Amerri in the north and Rodor in the south, taking advantage of a gravitational anomaly that exists there. The port is also used for trade with the Nishi Empire and occasionally the gaseous beings of Devo. Fodo’s technology is highly advanced, but the planet is experiencing the same sort of energy crisis as that of 2020 Earth. For this reason, Fodo’s main industrial focus is on the production of food and water to sustain its growing population. The need for new and sustainable power sources grows more and more dire. Over the years, the strength of the alliances between the many countries of Fodo have ebbed and flowed along with the confidence in their ability to defend against an Eraxian invasion. Because of this eminent threat, the United Planets was formed. The United Planets (UP) is an intergovernmental military alliance between the ten countries of Fodo. In the 20th Century, the Star Treaty was signed establishing a system of collective defense whereby members agree to mutually aid one another in response to an attack by a hostile external party, such as and especially the Sandoonians of Erax. The UP’s headquarters are located in the United States of Amerri, while the main office of the Military Command Operations is in Shinsei, the capital of the Empire of Nishi on the planet Bannoo. UP membership has grown since its founding from the original ten countries to a total of twenty-nine. Currently, the Council is chaired by President Katherine Kerrington of the United States of Amerri.

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